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This is where we will post any and all published General Plan products and documents. We will update this page as documents related to this project are released. Please check back regularly!

Vision and Guiding Principles Preview

Land Use Alternatives Memorandum Available for Review!

The General Plan Land Use Alternatives Memorandum is available for review! The Land Use Alternatives Memorandum describes a series of possible land use concepts for future growth within the City over the next 20 years. City staff and the advanced planning specialists prepared the land use concepts based on community input from Community Workshops #1-3, PumpkinFest (2019), and technical analysis.

We invite you to review the Memorandum and provide feedback on your thoughts on the future of Ukiah. All public comments submitted will be presented to the Planning Commission and City Council at a Joint Study Session tentatively set for March 2022

Vision and Guiding Principles Preview

Vision and Guiding Principles

A vision statement is an aspirational description of what the community would like to be in the future. The vision provides the foundation for more specific goals, policies, and implementation programs to be developed later during the update process. On March 3, 2021, the Ukiah City Council approved a Vision Statement for the Ukiah 2040 General Plan Update. 

At the heart of the General Plan are the “Guiding Principles” that express the key values and aspirations for Ukiah’s future and serve as guideposts for the goals, policies, and implementation programs contained in the General Plan. These principles expand on the main ideas contained in the vision statement so that important concepts are given more weight. Guiding principles are purposefully broadly stated in order to guide the City throughout development of the updated General Plan. All general plan goals, policies, and implementation programs will need to be consistent with the Vision and Guiding Principles.

Newsletter #1 cover image

Existing Conditions and Trends Workbook

This workbook tells the story of Ukiah – where it has been, where it is today, and the trends that will shape its future. This workbook focuses on providing the foundational information about the physical, natural, cultural, and economic conditions and trends that sets the stage for updating the General Plan.

Due to file size, we have split the Workbook into two PDFs. Please use the links below to download each part. 

Part 1
Part 2

2019 Community Outreach Summary

The City of Ukiah has prepared a summary of community engagement conducted so far as part of the General Plan Update. The summary provides a list of all community feedback from the Community Workshop in September, PumpkinFest in October, and all online exercises on the General Plan website. To view a copy of the 2019 Community Outreach Summary, click here.

Draft General Plan Vision Statements

The City of Ukiah has drafted a series of draft General Plan Vision Statements for community review and feedback. The draft General Plan Vision Statements are based on community feedback collected in 2019. To review the draft General Plan Vision Statements click here
Newsletter #1 cover image

Newsletter #1

Newsletter #1 provides an overview of the General Plan update process and information on how the community will be engaged in the update.

Previously Adopted Documents

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