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For additional information on General Plan-related topics, feel free to browse the following links:

How to Guide: Using this Website

General Plan Basics

This menu will give you access to background information on this project. Look here for an overview of and timeline for the General Plan Update process. This menu also contains answers to "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ). As the project proceeds, we will add responses to frequent comments and questions from community participants to this page.


A critical component of the General Plan update is to create a plan that builds consensus and support from those who live, own property, or operate a business in the City. Public participation is designed to involve and capture all segments of the population. Your involvement is encouraged throughout the process through this website, public hearings, public workshops, and other venues. Planning is a collaborative effort. Make your voice part of the discussion.


Want to track down any files related to the project? This is where you will find them. We will post all materials prepared for workshops, newsletters, and draft and final documents here for your review and use.


This menu item provides links to resources that may be of interest. This includes links to other planning documents, City resources, and other related organizations.


This menu item will provide information on common questions that are raised during the General Plan update.

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